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On Earth Day, Commit To Recycle

Today is Earth Day, and here at Sip & Savor, we are marking the day by sharing all the ways our member companies are working to promote environmental sustainability and reduce their environmental impact.  Our industry’s efforts are many and varied, and include:

  • Cutting down on energy and materials usage by making product packaging lighter, and reusing transportation packaging,
  • Reducing water usage by incorporating state-of-the-art wastewater treatment and the reuse of process water from manufacturing and distribution facilities,
  • Minimizing energy usage and fleet emissions by employing hybrid trucks and relying on highly efficient, centralized production and distribution systems for products
  • Using ‘green’ technology – such as solar roofing – at bottling plants, and
  • Saving energy usage through high efficiency refrigeration technology.

Importantly, we are committed to recycling and making it easier for consumers to recycle empty beverage containers both at home and on the go.  These efforts are having the intended effect of collecting recyclables and minimizing waste, which is good for everyone!

As an industry, we’re leading the way and doing our part to minimize our environmental impact, and we’re helping consumers and communities do the same.  What are you doing?  Share with us on Facebook and Twitter.

To learn more about industry efforts and what our member companies are doing to protect the health of our planet, click here.

Our Commitment To Our Planet

Our member companies produce 100 percent recyclable packaging that is among the most recycled consumer products in the world.  One of the most visible ways we lead on environmental sustainability is through our efforts to recover that packaging through model recycling collection programs for consumers when they are both at home and on-the-go.  We also have a strong record of supporting local public policy to implement or expand recycling systems that address all recyclables.  Recognizing that towns and cities may have different environmental priorities, we have worked as a partner on a range of initiatives, including:

  • Massachusetts – Recycling Challenge
    • Partnering with the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection, ABA is providing technical assistance to local communities in the state to help them implement a Pay-As-You-Throw (PAYT) waste system.  This program in currently underway and is expected to be completed early next year.
    • PAYT offers an immediate and significant incentive to households that reduce trash and increase recycling by charging residents a fee for each unit of waste they discard instead of a fixed fee per household.
  • Florida – Public Space Recycling
    • ABA launched a new effort in Palm Beach County to help residents and visitors to recycle empty beverage containers while away from home by placing nearly 130 recycling bins in key locations, including parks, boardwalks, sports fields and beaches.
    • This effort reduced public space litter by 75 percent and resulted in significantly increased recycling rates.

  • Tennessee – “Do Your Part with the Cart”
    • ABA funded the delivery of 20,000 recycling carts to Knoxville residences that received weekly curbside pick-up in conjunction with garbage pick-up at no additional charge.
    • This initiative increased recycling participation to 85 percent – a 60 percent increase.
  • Connecticut – “Go Green Use Blue”
    • Working with elected officials in Hartford, industry helped lead an effort that resulted in the implementation of a citywide, single-stream recycling program.
    • Research compiled by the Connecticut Resource Recovery Authority shows that this initiative has seen six consecutive years of increased recycling.  The most recent available data for 2012 notes that nearly 92,000 tons were recycled – doubling recycling rates and saving more than $6 million in trash fees.

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It’s Your Choice

Did you know that, according to the Food Marketing Institute, the typical grocery store is stocked with 42,686 items? It is a consumer’s world and we like them full of choices and options, right?

So, when we hear that some lawmakers want to pass regulations that limit your choices in the grocery store, we wonder – where will it end?  Anything that any politician dislikes or has an issue with will become a new target for a tax or a ban.

It’s nonsense to think government can legislate healthy lifestyles.

Check out for more information on how you can help prevent nosey politicians from poking around your grocery cart.

Choosing The Groceries To Put In Your Cart

When it comes to grocery shopping, every family has individual needs and preferences – which is why every family shops for different things.  We know that it’s not up to the government to decide what goes in your family’s grocery cart.  However, some lawmakers still haven’t gotten the message that people don’t support taxes on common grocery items, like soft drinks.  Perhaps more importantly, research shows that those tax proposals won’t work to solve obesity.  What we do know is this: if we want to get serious about fighting obesity, we must focus on education – not laws and regulation.

What goes in your grocery cart is your choice, and you’re perfectly capable of choosing what’s best for you and your family.

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What Goes In Your Cart Is Your Choice

Do you shop for food and beverages at your local grocery store?  Or do you order groceries online and have them dropped off at your door?  Either way, you know that when it comes to your groceries, the marketplace provides endless food and beverages options to feed you and your family.

Sometimes the many choices can be overwhelming, so you make a list, deciding what suits your family before you head into the store.  Other times, you stop in to grab that last minute item you need to make dinner.  Regardless of your particular shopping habits, we’ll bet one thing is consistent: when you do your grocery shopping, you never think, “What does my elected official want me to eat and drink?”

Americans consistently oppose efforts by elected officials to limit what they eat and drink.  They know they are capable of deciding what goes into their grocery cart, and they didn’t elect public officials to do the shopping for them.  Instead, our elected officials should focus on what they were sent to their respective bodies to do—things like improving education, creating jobs and stimulating the economy.  Leave the shopping to us.

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It’s Tax Day!

Today is the day when many people hustle to get their income taxes filed.  We hope you hit the deadline!  And while families across the country are working hard on their kitchen table budgets, some lawmakers are still considering using the tax code to dictate consumer choice.  What you eat, drink and feed your family is your choice and not the government’s.  People don’t support taxes and bans on common grocery items, like soft drinks.  That’s why the public policy debate has moved on from taxes and bans and onto real solutions.

We hope you agree.  If you’re interested in more information on this topic, check out

Taxes, Taxes And More Taxes

Every year around this time, there’s a heightened awareness of how much we pay in taxes as people across the country focus on filing their returns.   So it’s timely that we mention soda taxes, as we have before.  The truth remains that people don’t support taxes and bans on common grocery items, like soft drinks. In fact, there have been several proposals to tax soda, and none of them have gotten any traction.

If we want to get serious about obesity, it starts with education – not laws and regulation. It’s not the government’s job to dictate what we can or cannot put in our grocery cart – it’s our choice.  Politicians should focus on what matters most – education, jobs and the economy – and leave the grocery shopping to us.

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Our Commitment To Giving Back

This week, many Americans are paying tribute to the 50th anniversary of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.  With that being said, a certain thought leader comes to mind – Martin Luther King, Jr. – who once said, “Life’s persistent and most urgent question is, What are you doing for others?”

Whether it’s building playgrounds or supporting afterschool programs at the YMCA and Boys & Girls Club, our member companies have a long history of giving back to communities.  These initiatives have a meaningful impact on bettering the lives of people and strengthening the community.

Beverage companies, their employees and the firms and employees indirectly impacted by the industry contribute more than $765 million to charitable causes in communities across the nation.  Through these contributions, community organizations are able to work to advance both the physical health of their local citizens and the environmental health of their communities.

We, as an industry, take great pride in our commitment to giving back and hope that you are inspired to get involved and do the same.

90 Percent Mental, 50 Percent Physical

The great philosopher Yogi Berra once said: “Baseball is ninety percent mental and the other half is physical.”  While Mr. Berra may not have excelled at math, the meaning of balance can surely be found in his humorous remark.

With the warm weather months finally upon us, individuals and families throughout the country are heading to the ballpark to take in America’s favorite pastime – and possibly a few extra calories, as well!  When it comes to calories, America’s beverage companies are making it easier for people and their families to choose a beverage that is right for them by delivering more choices, smaller portions, fewer calories and clear calorie labels.  Our companies have broadened their portfolios with a wide variety of types, portions and calories to meet the individual needs of all of our consumers.

So whether you’re consuming treats at the ballpark or one of the many goodies found on the boardwalk at the beach, remember to balance the calories you consume with physical activity.  If you need help remembering, keep Mr. Berra in mind and make a “mental” note to get “physically” active.

Calorie Information, Right Up Front

Did you know that it’s easier now than it has ever been before to get the calorie information you need to make an informed choice about what to drink?  We led the way on clear calorie labeling with a bold initiative that places calorie information at consumers’ fingertips so they can choose what is right for them. By placing calorie information right up front, we’re ensuring people get the information they need in an easy-to-read and understandable way.

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