Creating Sustainable Solutions

America's beverage companies are leaders in environmental sustainability. We know that doing our part to protect the environment is good for our business and the planet.

Below are just some of the goals our industry is working towards as leaders driving sustainable solutions to some of the largest issues that are affecting our planet:

  • WATER - Decreasing water use per unit of product—and will increase water conservation by double-digit percentages over the next decade.
  • ENERGY - Increasing efficiency while decreasing its carbon footprint.
  • FLEETS - Improving fuel efficiency and increase miles per gallon by nearly 20% over five years.
  • PACKAGING - Reducing the raw materials used in PET plastic and aluminum through light weighting, redesign, and use of post-consumer recycled materials.
  • RECYCLING - Working to eliminate waste to landfills from our manufacturing and production facilities in the US.

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Initiatives & Advocacy

Promoting Balanced Lifestyles

America's Beverage companies have a longstanding commitment working to reduce sugar and calories from beverages in the American diet.