Continuing to bring you up-to-date information, we at Sip & Savor have briefed you on a number of important issues related to beverages and consumers and the contributions our companies are making day in and day out.

Our recent blogs have flagged a new survey that concludes Americans have a lot more homework to do before they could pass a pop quiz on calories. We’ve updated you on the progress toward new federal 2010 Dietary Guidelines.  We've talked about the responsible practices our companies follow regarding advertising and marketing to children, on Congress' work toward reauthorizing child nutrition and we've spelled out the reasons why beverage taxes just won’t work.

We've also had some fun.  We're pop culture and sports fans. So, we blogged about the World Cup and the Wimbledon matches as motivational events that remind us of the importance of aerobic exercise and regular physical activity.

We hope you'll continue to check back in with us to read the latest-whether it's about First Lady Michelle Obama's progress in helping Americans combat childhood obesity or tips for hydration during the summer heat.   You can also find us on Twitter and Facebook and you can tune in to our YouTube channel.