Here at Sip & Savor we recently shared public opinion polls that have shown that people do not support government limitations and regulations on soft drinks. Frequent readers probably know that we have blogged before on how soda taxes and bans won’t make people healthier but they can make themselves healthier through regular exercise and by balancing calories consumed with calories burned.

Today we want to share with you Linda Goff’s opinion piece on government regulation on soft drinks.  As a formerly obese person, Linda’s column helps provide a valuable perspective on what everyday people want and need.

In her column, Linda stated that:

“When I weighed 300 pounds, I ordered a 570-calorie coffee drink almost every day at lunch. That would be allowed in New York City, but not a 20-ounce root beer with 290 calories…. Regulations and legislation won’t make you one pound lighter if you are determined to ignore calorie information. Freedom gives you the right to eat yourself into an early grave. Freedom also gives you the ability to choose something better. We need to use our freedom wisely.”

Linda’s article is definitely worth the read and we hope you can check it out. To learn more about how our industry is doing its part to help consumers make the right choice for them, check out