America's beverage companies have long been at the forefront of supporting families' efforts to reduce the sugar in their diet and maintain a balanced lifestyle. Through innovation, marketing and distribution, beverage companies have worked together to create meaningful solutions that will continue to help people moderate the calories and sugar they get from beverages. These efforts have transformed the beverage landscape by developing new and more beverage options with less sugar or zero sugar.

As part of our latest industry-wide initiative, America's beverage companies are leading the way through more ways than one. They're offering more choices than ever before, including smaller portions and many with less sugar or no sugar at all. They're putting clear calorie information on the front of every product, and placing signs on coolers and displays reminding you to think "balance" before making your beverage choices.

This unprecedented effort, led by America's beverage companies and the Alliance for a Healthier Generation, was lauded by Former President Bill Clinton at its inception in September of 2014. Clinton lauded it as an important example of public-private partnerships working to combat complex public health challenges, such as obesity.

"I am excited about the potential of this voluntary commitment by the beverage industry. It can be a critical step in our ongoing fight against obesity," said President Clinton, "we look forward to continuing to work together to achieve the goals outlined in this commitment."

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