Just as we are all returning from the summer holidays and long Labor Day weekend, new tips are emerging for how to keep up a fitness program - despite both your job and the forthcoming weather changes.

The Washington Post offers up 12 exercises that -- assuming they don’t interfere with your job -- can be done right at the workplace.  The newspaper also provides information from experts on physical activity solutions for the deskbound.

The increasing interest in the topic of workplace fitness comes as research has explored how today’s workplace is far more sedentary than the work environment of decades ago when work itself -- in the field or in manufacturing, for example--meant a physical workout.

You may find some ideas that will work for you and others that may not, but paying attention to the concept of incorporating physical activity into the workday is worth serious consideration.

Whatever you decide, we hope you’ll keep in mind that a key component to maintaining a healthy weight balancing calories consumed from all foods and beverages with those expended through physical activity and exercise.

Here’s to staying active!