Unlike Cook County, which recently repealed an unfair beverage tax, politicians in Philadelphia remain committed to the tax despite hearing from Philadelphians about the harm the tax is having on their community.

Struggling since the tax took effect in January, Melissa Kelsey, owner of Southern Inn restaurant, spoke out this week saying, “These new taxes and fees may not seem like much to people in Center City, but they are crushing working-class families and small-business owners who live in Philadelphia’s neighborhoods.

The tax, which has led to decreased sales for her and many other small business owners, has left Kelsey in a constant state of fear over losing her business and being unable to make ends meet.

“I’m hopeful that the city will listen to its small-business owners and working-class communities,” pleads Kelsey, “we need to get rid of this beverage tax before it drives small-business owners out of business.

It’s time Philadelphia politicians listen to taxpayers and do away with the tax that is hurting working class families.