America’s beverage companies are working together and doing their part to tackle complex public health issues like obesity. The National Association of Counties (NAco) is highlighting their efforts to drive change across America through collaboration with public health groups, government leaders and community partners in this month’s “Solutions Spotlight.”

The feature piece on NACo’s website describes how our member companies are working to reduce calories and sugar in the American diet and to help to change consumer behavior through our voluntary Balance Calories Initiative. To meet this commitment, beverage companies are leveraging their combined marketing expertise, product innovation, distribution strength and education to make real and lasting change in communities across America.

“The goal of this landmark initiative is to reduce beverage calories consumed per person nationally by 20 percent by 2025 — the single-largest voluntary effort by an industry to help combat obesity. To meet this ambitious goal, the companies are rolling up their sleeves and taking broad and measurable actions to drive consumer behavior change nationwide,” the article stated.

As part of the Balance Calories Initiative, our member companies are going to places where the need is the highest and working to make a difference in those communities. We are providing people with a variety of beverage options, information and encouragement to help them reduce calories and sugar they get from their beverages.

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