We’ve shared our opinion of Mayor Bloomberg’s soda ban quite a few times since it was first proposed back in May. We’ve also shared that public opinion polls have shown that people don’t support it.  And we’ve also urged our readers to visit New Yorkers for Beverage Choices for more information.  After all, this ineffective “solution” to curb obesity impacts New Yorkers’ freedom to choose what they eat and drink, and takes away from New York businesses that sell soft drinks the equal opportunity to provide their customers with those choices.

Today we thought we’d share a quick read from the opinion pages of the New York Times. Dunkin’ Brands Chief Executive Nigel Travis wrote in to respond to a recent article about the Board of Health hearing last week.  Travis shares why Bloomberg’s ban is not the answer – and how it will impact not only his business, but many others across the five boroughs. So, read through the letter when you have a moment and then grab your favorite beverage – in whatever portion size is right for you.  We’re even making it easier for you to choose with clear calorie labels right on the front of the pack.