Last week we wrote about local business owner Bobby Coyote’s opposition to a soda tax proposal in Davis, Calif. Now others are joining him to voice their concerns over the proposed tax.

Adam Andrews, owner of Froggy’s Grill in Davis, said, “We’re punishing customers for the decisions they make,” to the Sacramento Bee.

He went on to argue that people should be able to make decisions about what they eat and drink for themselves. “This is disposable income that folks should have the right to spend as they choose. (The tax) is a cash grab and an easy target.”

Not only that; when a tax targets one product it sends the wrong message to consumers.

Why? Obesity is complex and isn’t caused by one unique factor. Telling people that eliminating one product from their diet is a silver bullet solution to certain health issues such as obesity is misleading.

Local businesses that are vital to communities such as Davis are the ones that see the impact of a tax the most. Ultimately, a soda tax will hurt the economy in Davis and could end up costing the city jobs.

Before Davis decides to pursue a tax on a common grocery item, we hope that city leaders will think about who will be paying the price. A tax would harm local businesses that the people of Davis know and love while doing nothing to address public health issues.