You had an extra day in the month? Or in the year?   Well… today is a good opportunity to find out. Instead of taking this day – which only happens once every four years – for granted, capitalize on the extra 24 hours.  After all, we live in a very fast-paced world, juggling careers, families and myriad other obligations, responsibilities, hobbies and more.

So seize the day!  Perhaps you want to simply sit back and decompress from a busy week.  Or maybe you’d like to savor your favorite non-alcoholic beverage – our members make a wide array of options, in a variety of portion sizes and calorie ranges, from which to choose. Today also offers another chance to “refresh” your commitment to a New Year’s resolution. And if that resolution happened to be focusing on living a more active, healthy and balanced lifestyle, the weather here in the nation’s capitol may be just what you need to burn off a few extra calories. So take the dog for a long walk, go on a bike ride with the family, or find an extra 30 minutes to hit the gym.

Take a leap … we’re sure you won’t regret it.