Do you shop for food and beverages at your local grocery store?  Or do you order groceries online and have them dropped off at your door?  Either way, you know that when it comes to your groceries, the marketplace provides endless food and beverages options to feed you and your family.

Sometimes the many choices can be overwhelming, so you make a list, deciding what suits your family before you head into the store.  Other times, you stop in to grab that last minute item you need to make dinner.  Regardless of your particular shopping habits, we’ll bet one thing is consistent: when you do your grocery shopping, you never think, “What does my elected official want me to eat and drink?”

Americans consistently oppose efforts by elected officials to limit what they eat and drink.  They know they are capable of deciding what goes into their grocery cart, and they didn’t elect public officials to do the shopping for them.  Instead, our elected officials should focus on what they were sent to their respective bodies to do—things like improving education, creating jobs and stimulating the economy.  Leave the shopping to us.

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