Feeling a few extra Thanksgiving pounds? Even while maintaining a regular fitness program, it can be hard to stay in shape during the holiday season with so many celebrations and family gatherings - and so many tempting tasty treats.

The good news is that you never have to sacrifice taste to enjoy America’s non-alcoholic beverages. Our member companies provide many flavorful low- and no- calorie options to keep you refreshed and satisfied whether you’re just watching your holiday weight or counting calories all year round. Between 1998 and 2008, the beverage industry has cut the total amount of beverage calories brought to market by 21 percent. This significant reduction is due in part to the introduction of more low- and no- calorie options and smaller portions.

Additionally, the beverage industry has come together through a voluntary commitment to put calorie labels on the front of every bottle, can and pack we produce. By putting calorie information right up front on our packaging, our industry is making it easier for consumers to make informed choices about the beverages that are best for themselves and their families.

So, keep enjoying the holiday season – and your favorite beverages!