It’s nonsense to think that government can legislate healthy lifestyles.  We’ve seen more evidence to support this fact recently with a new study co-authored by health economist Jason Fletcher of the La Follette School of Public Affairs at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, University of Iowa Economics Professor David E. Frisvold and University of Washington School of Public Health Professor Nathan Tefft.

The study found that there is no support for the claim that a soda tax will improve health, and the few places where you can do “before” and “after” tests suggest no such benefits materialize. In other words, soda taxes won’t work.  The study also reinforces what we already know - that these taxes are really about revenue.

You can see more media coverage of the study in Milwaukee’s Journal-Sentinel and on

If we let them get away with taxing soda, where will it end?  Anything that any politician dislikes or has an issue with will become a new target for a tax or ban.  Check out for more information on how you can help keep politicians out of your grocery cart.