Who hasn’t flipped through 300 cable channels on a Saturday afternoon and complained, “There’s nothing to watch!”

Well imagine having only three networks to watch and a set of rabbit ears for reception; or shouting instructions to your dad out the window while he crawled around on the roof to adjust the TV antennae. That was the extent of television entertainment 30 years ago.

Today, variety is something we’ve come to expect. Perhaps you’re a cupcake fanatic with a competitive streak who performs best under pressure. There’s a show for you.  Or maybe watching city slickers noodle for catfish in the muddy waters of Oklahoma is more your genre. There’s a show for you too.

Variety of entertainment, just as with food and beverages, gives life flavor. Here at Sip & Savor, we’re enjoying more variety in the beverages our member companies produce than ever before. Flavored waters, sports drinks, diet sodas, energy drinks, 100 percent juices and teas provide variety and options for maximum enjoyment to fit your lifestyle.  So, sip away and celebrate the variety!