Have you ever had an awkward family get together? How about a night out with friends that goes off the tracks when someone you know and respect says something that just doesn’t sound right?  We’ve been there, and suspect you have been too.  Fortunately, there’s LetsClearItUp.org!  It’s a one stop shop, and great resource to help you clear up any misinformation about the beverage industry that you might have heard.

Here is one example from LetsClearItUp.org:

Myth: The obesity epidemic can be reversed if people stop drinking soda.

Fact: Sugar-sweetened beverages account for only 7 percent of calories in the average American's diet, according to government data.

There are many, many more examples to help you and others learn more about our industry! So, before your next social engagement, get online and get armed with easy-to-use facts about our great American industry.