The beverage aisle is ever changing.

And we at Sip & Savor are proud of the myriad refreshing beverage choices our member companies provide, as well as their ongoing beverage innovation.  Grocery store shelves are stocked with soft drinks—regular, low- and no-calorie—as well as 100 percent juice, juice drinks, bottled waters, teas and sports drinks - all in a variety of portion sizes.

We hope you’ve noticed an increasing selection of low- and no-calorie beverages.  In fact, from 1998 to 2008 the beverage industry cut overall beverage calories produced for the marketplace by 21 percent due in large part to the introduction of more low- and no- calorie, smaller-portion beverages.

This year is no different from previous years.  We’re only in the first quarter of 2011 and innovation continues in a number of ways.  In fact, as you check out the beverage aisle for new beverages or longtime favorites, we hope you’ll also notice the new calorie labels showing up around the country.  America’s beverage companies are adding new calorie labels to the front of every can, bottle and pack they produce.  The labels began appearing last fall and even more products will be labeled in the coming months.  Check out the Clear on Calories section of our website for more information.

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