World leaders are gathering in Paris this week to discuss a new international agreement on limiting greenhouse gases. Joining them are leaders from industry, including America’s leading beverage companies.

For years the beverage industry has been implementing innovative ways to minimize its carbon footprint and improve energy efficiency. From factories to fleets to vending machines, we’re reducing greenhouse gas emissions and conserving energy sources.

In October, members of the beverage industry along with several other companies met at the White House to announce a voluntary phase-out of greenhouse gases known as hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs). Once the phase-out is complete, 100% of company-controlled cooling equipment in stores and elsewhere will be HFC-free. When it comes to fleets, the industry now has the largest number of heavy duty hybrid electric commercial trucks on the road in North America. We’re also cutting the need for landfill space by recycling or reusing 94% of the waste produced at our company-owned production facilities in the United States.

From making our fleets more environmentally friendly to reducing waste at our facilities, the beverage industry is a demonstrated leader on environmental sustainability. Conserving energy and resources is an important part of our business model and always will be.

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