We've all absorbed and analyzed the game-changing Midterm Election results.  And it's a natural tendency to fast-forward to January as we assess how the new political dynamics will play out in the next Congress.  But don't forget:  A lame-duck session comes first.

Congress will return next week to try and complete its unfinished agenda.  What once looked like a hefty, multi-dimensional session is shaping up as a slimmed down version.  The two biggest challenges are temporarily funding the government to keep it running through January and deciding what becomes of the Bush era tax cuts which expire Dec. 31.

Among other unresolved business:  Medicare reimbursement payments, a treaty with Russia, extended unemployment benefits, a child nutrition reauthorization bill, food safety legislation,  a natural gas and electric vehicles bill, and a defense authorization bill.

Some are predicting that only the stopgap government funding bill and the tax cuts will be in play.

The lame duck-so named because some members, in this case a lot of members, will not be returning in January-serves as a reminder.  Citizenship needs to be exercised beyond November.  We at Sip & Savor hope you’ll stay engaged and make your voices heard in the weeks and months ahead.