We came across this editorial last week at UTSanDiego.com that lays out a number of good reasons to oppose SB 622, a bill pending before the California Legislature that would levy a tax on soda and other sugar-sweetened beverages.  The editorial reads as follows:

“This is obnoxious because it’s intrusive government paternalism that carries the implicit argument that parents are too stupid to know what’s best for their children.

This is regressive in the sense that it’s a tax that will take far more of a toll on poor people with limited income than on the wealthy. (Or is that an unstated noblesse oblige intention — squeeze and bully the poor because some statistics indicate their children are more likely to be obese?)

This is undemocratic in that it defies public opinion. In recent votes in two California cities — El Monte and Richmond — voters trounced soda tax proposals. Statewide polls show strong opposition as well. A January national poll showed Americans — by a 3-to-1 ratio — object to government meddling in what people eat and drink.”

Click here to read the full editorial, and be sure to vote in the poll!