Based on a large amount of scientific research, we know that ingredients in low- and no-calorie beverages are perfectly safe. But the latest research also shows that these drinks can be an effective way to cut calories and manage your weight.

For years, self-appointed food police have falsely claimed that diet beverages could actually cause one to gain weight. That flies in the face of the latest science. A recent study out of the United Kingdom found that consumers of diet beverages do in fact consume less calories overall.

The study published in the journal Nutrients concludes, “In a review of the impact of low-calorie sweeteners on weight management, Anderson et al. found that users of low-calorie beverages or low-calorie sweeteners reported higher quality diets.”

For us at Sip & Savor this news doesn’t come as a surprise. There are plenty of studies that have found that diet beverages do not cause weight gain but can in fact help one lose weight. The reality is that when people are trying to cut calories to lose or maintain weight, diet beverages are a helpful tool to do so.

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