Here at Sip & Savor we encourage our readers to reduce, reuse and recycle – as much and as often as they can.  This is something our industry cares deeply about.  After all, our beverage containers are 100 percent recyclable.  Even so, we continue to further minimize our environmental impact by lightweighting our packaging and using more recycled content when possible.

Today, we’d like to encourage you to seek innovative ways to reuse (or recycle) many of the items that you come across each and every day this holiday season. For example, did you know that plastic bottles can be used to make a tree topper?  Or that you can make aluminum cans into tree decorations shaped like angels? These are just two of many holiday uses for our industry’s packaging. So be creative – you can find lots of ideas on the Internet – or come up with your own.

Happy holidays – and happy crafting!