It's not too soon to be thinking Halloween, especially if you'd like to do something different this year and make your own costume.  One of our all time favorites: a guest dressed as a Caesar Salad.  The one-of-a-kind costume - a plastic raincoat stapled with romaine leaves, garnished with glued-on croutons and accessorized with a hand-carried bottle of salad dressing - is sure to be a hit!

Making costumes can give the family a fun activity during October and the writers and editors at Parenting Magazine offer up some easy children's costume ideas even for those who don't sew.

Among the possibilities: an Ear of Corn (the kernels are yellow-painted egg cartons), a Goldfish (the eyes are ping-pong balls) and a Scuba diver (the tank is a two-liter plastic soft drink bottle).  For those with a really creative imagination, try a Bubble Bath or Static Electricity costume.

Whether you make costumes at home or select them at a store this year, enjoy October, have a fun and safe Halloween and remember that even on Trick-or-Treat night moderation is the key and that balanced diets and active lifestyles are important ingredients to a healthy life. And when this annual fall festivity is over, remember to Think Inside the Bin!