It’s the eve of America’s most mischievous day – April Fools!  Have you found the perfect trick to play on your friends and family? If not, have no fear Sip & Savor is here! We’ve got three clever pranks that will have your loved ones rolling with laughter or wide-eyed in amazement.

Disappearing Refreshment

Imagine you go in to the kitchen to grab an unopened can of your favorite beverage. But what’s this? You crack the can open and nothing is inside! This cool video shows you how to empty a can without opening it.

A Jiggly Drink

Want to show off in front of your family? Check out this video on how to make their favorite bottled-beverage out of jello. Wrap the label around the jello and everyone will be amazed that you can cut through a plastic bottle without spilling the drink inside!


Want to see who ignores notes on things in the fridge? Try out this trick using a water bottle by following these directions. The person who ignores the “Do Not Open” sign on the bottle will be caught wet-handed!

Happy fooling tomorrow!