If you’ve been reading Sip & Savor with any regularity, you likely already know that our industry feels strongly about comprehensive recycling and its many benefits.  Bottle bills are outdated, ineffective, inefficient and costly.  Comprehensive recycling, however, is highly effective, less costly for consumers and communities, and is readily accessible. On that last point, you can check out a 2009 survey that showed 74 percent of the total population has access to some form of curbside recycling at home.

We can give you two other important reasons why comprehensive recycling is a better way than bottle bills:
1) It addresses all recyclables rather than singling out just one part of the waste stream
2) Convenience – In fact, people overwhelmingly prefer taking all of their recyclables out to the curb over lugging them back to grocery stores and recycling facilities

If you want to find out more about recycling in communities across America, we encourage you to visit Recycle Together.  And when you finish reading your newspaper or favorite magazine, using up those last drops of laundry detergent, or balling up that aluminum foil you used on the grill – remember they are all recyclable.  We also encourage you to always “Think Inside the Bin” and make sure to recycle your beverage containers.