Scientific American has a short – but sweet! – experiment using conversation hearts and a clear carbonated drink. Pour the clear carbonated beverage into a glass. After allowing the fizz to settle, drop a couple of conversation hearts into the soda. What do you think will happen?

To find out if you’re right, check out this video of the experiment shot in our kitchen here at Sip & Savor:

According to Scientific American, “[t]he carbon dioxide bubbles in the soda were sticking to the candies, and when enough lighter-than-soda bubbles accumulated on a given candy, they should have lifted it up through the soda. Once at the top of the soda the carbon dioxide bubbles could escape into the air, causing the candy to sink once again. But as the candy sank, more bubbles should have stuck to it, causing it to rise again and repeat the cycle.” 

How neat! Read the full article here