Here at Sip & Savor, we regularly promote the importance of physical activity and taking advantage of outdoor events is a fun way to incorporate exercise.  But this weekend we might take some time to head indoors for a movie. Today marks the highly anticipated opening of The Social Network. With the rock star cast and high-profile writing and directing team, this fictional depiction of the birth of Facebook and its young founder Mark Zuckerberg is sure to be a box office hit. Zuckerberg's extraordinary success reminds us of how innovation can change the world.

The beverage industry is continually pushing the ball forward, as it works to bring more no- and low-calorie beverages to market.  In fact, from 1998 to2008, this innovation drove a 21 percent reduction in calories available from beverages in the marketplace.  Our member companies’ recycling efforts, Clear on Calories calorie labeling initiative and School Beverage Guidelines are all solid examples of industry innovation breaking down barriers and leading the way on education and environmental impact.

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