Our industry has seen the positive impact that these relationships can have on our communities first hand.

Over a decade ago, America’s beverage companies developed our voluntary national School Beverage Guidelines with the Alliance for a Healthier Generation. Our work together resulted in reducing beverage calories shipped to schools across America by more than 90 percent by removing full-calorie soft drinks from K-12 schools and replacing them with lower-calorie and smaller-portion options.

And today our work together continues, as we aim to cut calories and sugar consumed from beverages in the American diet. Together, we are working to bring Americans more choices, in smaller portions and with less sugar to reduce the calories and sugar consumed from beverages. Working with the Alliance for a Healthier Generation again on this latest initiative, we are ensuring that we are bringing consumers the options and information they need to achieve a balance diet.

To learn more about these actions, visit BalanceUS.org.