This first week of the year can mean a couple things to our readers:  some are still recovering from the holiday season, some are getting back into work mode and others are finding it hard to think about anything but how cold the weather became.  But, if you’re a football fan like those of us at Sip & Savor, then there is only one thing on your mind this time of year, the NFL playoffs!

Thirty-two teams have battled week in and week out for a chance to make it to the playoffs and ultimately on to the biggest game of the season, the 2012 Super Bowl.  Now that only 12 teams remain in the hunt, the stakes are even higher.  The excitement unfolds this Saturday as the wildcard games begin and the lower seeded teams match up against each other for a chance to move on.

We hope you’ll tune into the games and cheer on your favorite teams.  And when the games are over (or before they start!), get out there and get active.  After all, professional athletes would undoubtedly be among the first to tell you about the important role that physical activity and exercise have in an active, healthy and balanced lifestyle.  Just take a look at the NFL’s Play 60 initiative.

This weekend, wear your team’s colors with pride.  And while you heat up the grill, don’t forget to hydrate with your favorite non-alcoholic beverages and cheer on your favorite teams.