Only eight teams remain in the running for Super Bowl XLIV, which will take place in just over three weeks at Dolphin Stadium in Miami, Fla. Whether your favorite - or fantasy - team is still in the running at this point, we know many of you will be watching to see which team becomes the next Super Bowl Champ.

Many of our members' products will be featured in advertisements surrounding the big event, and we hope you’ll check back with us at Sip & Savor for a preview. But as you watch the pros pre-and re-hydrate with sports drinks on the sidelines, have you ever wondered how they work?

Sports drinks - like Gatorade, Powerade, Accelerade, Capri SUN Sport and All Sport, among others - play a very important role in keeping athletes hydrated. In fact, these drinks were created to help athletes hydrate before, during and after vigorous exercise so that they can maintain a high performance level through a long workout or game.

When you exercise, you lose water, electrolytes (such as potassium and sodium) and carbohydrates through the energy you use and through sweat. Sports drinks help replace these important substances. And while sports drinks may have been designed for athletes, you certainly don’t need to play for the NFL to consume these tasty beverages.

Enjoy the playoff season!