There are a lot of rivalries in America: Republicans vs. Democrats; Beatles vs. Rolling Stones; Chicago Cubs vs. St. Louis Cardinals. A new Washington Post-ABC News poll, however, finds one thing a majority of Americans do agree on: the one concern that will decide voters choice for president in November is the economy/jobs. All other issues like terrorism, education and social security ranked in the low single digits in terms of importance.

Smart Taxpayers Exposing Waste (STEW) has done a great job of exposing the unfortunate and grotesque misuse of taxpayer dollars intended to create jobs and stimulate the economy. In 2011, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) received $230 million from the stimulus and has been using it to hire PR firms, conduct polling and run attack ads against the food and beverage industry. This is your money being used to campaign against American workers employed in these industries.

So it’s not surprising that when the director of the CDC took questions during a live Twitter chat earlier this week, two members of Congress spoke up, asking why the CDC would waste taxpayer money by attacking American employers.

The exchange caught the attention of The Hill – an influential publication in the national’s capitol – drawing greater attention to government bureaucracy working against American workers, not for them.

The federal government should not be a rival of the unemployed. We should be on the same team, working together to revive the spirit of the American workforce.