As the last month of summer gets underway and back-to-school commercials flood our television sets, you may find yourself wondering where the time went.  No matter what your summer plans were, there is still a full month of summer left to take advantage of.  So here are a few tips to help make the last remaining weeks of summer eventful from all of us here at Sip & Savor.

July and August are said to be among the busiest months for air travel and snagging a cheap ticket for a weekend getaway can be tricky.  However, there are many other alternatives to air travel that can make the remainder of your summer memorable.

Grab a few friends and a picnic lunch and head to the local park or beach for a day outdoors.  Although the summer is winding down, the weather is still warm (maybe too warm depending on where you are) and can make for a pleasant day outside.  If soaking up the sun is not your idea of fun, perhaps you’d prefer soaking up some history. If you are on the East Coast, why not visit us here in the nation’s capital for a trip to the Smithsonian.   The air conditioning will be sure to keep you cool and the museums here in the District, as well as those across the country, have interesting exhibits about everything ranging from pop culture to history to science and more.

And don’t forget about one of our favorite summertime activities:  cooking out with friends and family!   These occasions always provide a moment or two to crack open a delicious and refreshing beverage – perfect hydration for a warm summer night!