As the city of Davis, Calif., considers levying a tax on non-alcoholic beverages, citizens of the town are voicing displeasure with the proposal. They recognize that taxes targeting common grocery items are discriminatory and hit local businesses and consumers the hardest.

In a letter to the editor, Davis attorney Elaine Roberts Musser expressed the mutual concern of multiple small business owners. “Davis business owners shouldn’t have to wonder what beverage or food they sell eventually will be slapped with another 'sin tax,’” she wrote.

Beverage taxes increase costs for businesses which translates into higher prices for consumers, the loss of jobs and a less robust business community. As Musser expressed, “This is most unfortunate, when it is of the utmost importance for the city to showcase a business-friendly atmosphere.”

Instead of pursuing a tax on a common grocery item, we hope that city leaders will think about who will be paying the price. A tax would harm local businesses that the people of Davis know and love while doing nothing to address public health issues.

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