As local newscasters have reported, a good chunk of the nation is experiencing an early heat wave.  From Texas to Michigan and on over to New York and down the Atlantic Coast to Florida, states are hotter than usual.

The Weather Channel’s map is populated with orange and red dots showing communities expected to tie or beat their daily record highs over the next three days.  And here in the nation’s capital, it’s no different.

News organizations and their websites have posted helpful information on how to stay cool, healthy and safe during high temperatures. The heat safety tips stress the importance of hydration even if you don’t feel thirsty and they also ask everyone to remember the most vulnerable – the elderly, the disabled, the chronically ill and others who may need assistance.

The Weather Channel has extensive information, warning of everything from severe sunburn to heat stroke and it lays out important steps to take to protect yourself in advance by doing a family preparedness plan and on how to stay safe during a heat wave.  The American Red Cross is another source for a Heat Wave Safety Checklist.

Mobile phone applications and other technology make it easier than ever to get the latest in alerts. We at Sip & Savor hope you’ll pay close attention, stay hydrated and concentrate on prevention as the summer months bring the heat.