Today could be a day marked in history – and not necessarily in a good way.  As we here at Sip & Savor headed into the office this morning, things seemed fairly "normal" –  meaning traffic was congested (as usual) due in part to the many federal and District of Columbia government workers employed in such a relatively small space. But our commute may be quite different on Monday if the federal government shuts down come midnight.

We’re not here to share opinions on the possible shutdown, we’ll leave that to our readers.  But should things remain at an impasse, let’s remember that 800,000 federal workers in communities across our country will be furloughed.  All at a time when folks are already struggling to stay afloat.  And for those yet to file their federal tax returns but in need of their refunds, make sure to e-file or you just may be waiting a while.  Again, the economic impact of a shutdown will be felt in the wallets and pocketbooks of everyday Americans.

Here in the nation’s capital, we’ll be impacted beyond federal employees and services.  Approximately 14,000 District employees are expected to be furloughed and many services will be suspended, as the nation's capital is viewed as a federal agency during a shutdown. Thankfully, it has just been announced that tourists who spent their hard-earned dollars to come see the National Cherry Blossom Festival Parade tomorrow will still be able to do so, albeit with the route slightly altered.  But for those of us who live here, we won’t be able to register our vehicles or obtain drivers licenses; our children won’t be able to visit their local libraries; students at the University of the District of Columbia won’t have classes; and, for at least a week, we won’t have our trash picked up.

So let’s see what the day brings us … and let’s hope for the best!