It’s that time of year when students are graduating from colleges and universities across the country.  As they prepare for what the future holds, many are participating in a rather new “movement” – the greening of graduation ceremonies.

In fact, today’s Washington Post has an interesting article about green graduations happening right here in our backyard – and even beyond.  This past Sunday, George Washington University’s Class of 2012 wore graduation gowns made from recycled plastic bottles. And schools across the country are looking for additional ways to lessen their carbon footprint.

We’ve shared many examples of our industry’s commitment to our environment here on Sip & Savor.  And we applaud creative ways to re-use our industry’s packaging - after all, our containers are 100 percent recyclable.  Most recently, we shared the news of a young woman who found a creative way to design a prom dress using tabs from soda cans.  So if you’ve found new and unique ways to “reduce, reuse and recycle,” let us know.  And even if you’re not creative, please always remember to “Think Inside the Bin.”