Low- and no-calorie sweeteners have been studied extensively for years. Based on the immense body of science, numerous government and public health organizations have declared these ingredients to be safe. Among them are the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), European Food Safety Authority and World Health Organization. Despite the science, there are still many myths out there which continue to mislead consumers.

Just today industry critic Dr. Robert Lustig questioned the safety of these ingredients despite acknowledging the FDA and American Diabetes Association (ADA) deem these ingredients to be safe. He calls for more research on the subject even though the science is clear that these ingredients are safe. In fact, the FDA says that there are over 100 studies supporting the safety of aspartame, a common ingredient in many low- and no-calorie foods and beverages.

And when it comes to the argument that people who drink diet beverages are more likely to be obese, even fellow critic of the beverage industry Barry Popkin, Ph.D, who has studied the issue says, “none of the studies make a convincing case that no-calorie sodas contribute to weight gain.”

The bottom line is that these ingredients have been proven time and time again to be safe for people to consume.

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