If you are a frequent Sip & Savor reader, then you have probably read our posts about the many benefits of regular exercise. New studies conducted by Dr. David Nieman, a professor of health and exercise science at Appalachian State’s College of Health Sciences, emphasize the positive health benefits of exercise on children. In a study of 200 obese children, Nieman found that with regular exercise “…the overall metabolic health of these children improved in just six weeks."

He also stated in an article on News-Medical.Net, "The good news is that most children, when they get properly supervised physical activity, whether it is organized sports or an old fashioned playtime, are very happy to continue it, and they benefit from it in terms of improved health. These types of health benefits can keep them from dealing with major health issues when they are older."

So, remember this holiday season that there are benefits to getting the family together for some good, old-fashioned winter activities!