Catch any of the U.S. Open this weekend?  It’s not every day a 22 year-old wins a major, his first, and breaks the record books.  But that’s exactly what Rory McIlroy did, shooting 16 under par over four days at the Congressional Country Club in Bethesda, Md.

The beautiful weather Sunday and the gorgeous course, reminded us that golf is not just for the pros.  It’s also one of those lifetime sports for the rest of us whether we play on a public course or at a club.  It’s a great way to get some physical activity and fresh air.  Golf is not only good for the body, but the mind as well.  Ask any golfer, and he or she will tell you how it focuses the mind and un-clutters it of all else for a few hours.

And after the 18th hole, we love to sip that renowned golfer’s drink, an Arnold Palmer—part iced tea, part lemonade.  Named for the golfing great, it’s a super summertime beverage.  Last summer we at Sip & Savor shared with you the story behind the drink as told my none other than Arnold Palmer himself.  We invite you to click here for a retelling of how the drink came to be.

We hope you enjoy the links this summer.  Remember the sun screen and remember to hydrate. And for a look at the myriad beverages our members produce, please check out our products page and the area of our website where you can look up who makes them.