Tomorrow, family and friends will take trains, planes and automobiles to gather together, celebrate and give thanks. Thanksgiving is a holiday ripe with family tradition – from football to Campbell’s green bean casserole, we all have a special way to mark the holiday.

But, if baking pies and mashing potatoes is not your forte, fear not. Your friends at Sip & Savor have your back. Our member companies provide so many options when it comes to your non-alcoholic beverage refreshments, you’ll be able to please everyone at your Thanksgiving celebration. And with our Clear on Calories labeling and more no- and low-calorie options, your family will know exactly what they are getting (the same cannot be said for that pumpkin pie a la mode).

And if you happen to be dining with a group that makes you sign for your supper, Huffington Post has some Thanksgiving trivia that is sure to intrigue and stump even the most seasoned history buffs. For example, did you know that the first Thanksgiving wasn’t a Thanksgiving at all? It didn’t become so until 1863 when President Lincoln declared it a public holiday. And even after that, turkey, stuffing and football didn’t always go together. It wasn’t until Thanksgiving Day 1934 – when the Detroit Lions played the Chicago Bears to a sold-out crowd on live radio – that the tradition was born.

As families around the country gather to carve the estimated 46 million turkeys, we wish you a happy and healthy Thanksgiving.