In these extraordinary times, our nation’s food and beverage manufactures, distributors and suppliers are #HereForYou and our families.  Our industry has a presence in every community and every state – and, we are so grateful for those serving our country during this challenging time.

“The heroic work of our medical professionals and first responders has been remarkable to watch,” says Diana Masariu of the Hoosier Beverage Association.  “Their tireless efforts to confront COVID-19 and care for the sick are an inspiration to Americans everywhere. We owe a debt of gratitude to these individuals.”

“It’s also a time when ordinary folks put aside their fears and personal difficulties to punch that clock every day so the rest of us get what we need to make it through the week,” says William Gamble of the Missouri Beverage Association.

Many Americans have put their lives on hold so they can tend to the needs of our communities – whether providing essential health care services or grocery items.  

As Ellen Valentino of the MD/DE/DC Beverage Association points out, “like so many everyday heroes, these brave individuals are taking time away from their families to ensure that we can count on having food to eat and beverages to drink.”

From plant workers, farmers, truck drivers, stock workers, grocery store employees and more – our workforce is critical in helping us maintain a sense of normalcy while our medical professionals and first responders work to combat the spread of this unprecedented pandemic. 

We join our entire nation in saluting all the brave heroes working around the clock to help our communities, families and neighbors get through this crisis.