Recently, the Historic Columbus Foundation announced the first group of 8 historic markers that will be a part of the Columbus Soft Drink Heritage Trail. The ceremony for the first marker was unveiled June 3 in Columbus, Ga. in front of the W.C. Bradely Co., which was founded by an early investor and former chairman of the board of the Coca-Cola Co.

A second marker on the trail highlights the history of Royal Crown Cola, Nehi and Diet-Rite Cola, which were all founded in Columbus.

Some in Columbus also believe that John Pemberton, the pharmacist who invented Coca-Cola, developed the original formula in Columbus before he began selling the soda at his drug store in Atlanta.

“We always have taken pride that the Pembertons were here in Columbus, and that, according to us, Coca-Cola was invented here,” Jenkins, president-elect of Historic Columbus told Ledger-Enquirer. “There are many stories about that and many sides.”

So if you have time for a road trip this summer, remember to put Columbus on your map to learn more about Columbus’s soft drink heritage.