We know that soda taxes are not an effective solution to obesity Yet, still some city and state lawmakers introduce them as a means to address public health – or more likely, to fill a budget hole. Why? According to ConscienHealth it is because lawmakers prefer quick fix answers to a complex problem that needs a long-term strategy to truly help people.

ConscienHealth, a web site that hosts experts to “advance sound approaches to health and obesity,” stated in a recent editorial that taxing sugar and sugar-containing products does not provide a solution for the millions of people who are struggling with obesity.

“Enormous energy goes into the formulation of obesity prevention strategies that effectively discount the lives of people with obesity,” states the piece. “Sugar taxes are a case in point. Relatively little effort goes toward strategies to actually improve the health and quality of life of people with obesity.”

Taxes on sugar “should not be tolerated as a distraction from improving health and quality of life for people who are living with obesity.”

The beverage industry is taking a leading role to address the real issues surrounding obesity by working towards lasting solutions. Through our Balance Calories Initiative we have set a goal to reduce beverage calories consumed per person nationally by 20 percent by 2025. By providing people with the information and options they need to make the choice that’s right for them and their families we are helping them achieve a balanced lifestyle.

To read more about why taxes won’t help solve public health issues like obesity visit YourCartYourChoice.com.