Our critics are steadfast.  They want you to believe that taxes and bans are the magic bullet that will solve the very complex problem of obesity, despite the vast array of available research and information showing us that taxes do not make people healthy.

A few years ago, one of our favorite satire publications, The Onion, wrote a story entitled: “Historians Politely Remind Nation To Check What's Happened In Past Before Making Any Big Decisions.”  We suggest you read it.  While we laughed and, at points, cried reading the fake news story, there is certainly some truth in its premise.  Despite the best of intentions, taxes and bans do not work; real solutions, like education, do.

As we’ve seen throughout history, the public does not support taxes and bans on common grocery items, like soft drinks.  What you eat, drink and feed your family is your choice and not the government’s.

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