It’s the first of August, and we have officially hit the dog days of summer.  We know as well as anyone how unbearable it can be to leave the house and the cool A/C blast in this heat.  However, the endless day-time TV marathons are no way to spend the summer months!  We at Sip & Savor have come up with a few summertime day trip ideas that can get you out and get you moving.

Going to a baseball game, whether major or minor league, can be a ton of fun in the summer!  Sometimes you can get inexpensive seats in the upper deck on the day of the game at the gate.  If sports aren’t your thing, visiting the zoo is another fun summertime day trip.

But, if after all of this you still don’t want to be outside, you can always go to the aquarium or check out a museum.  You can even check out museums dedicated to some of our member companies!

So fire up your favorite search engine for a quick Internet search and see what’s nearby.

Remember while you are out: stay hydrated and beat the heat with a refreshing beverage!