It's that time of year when festivals of all sorts start to pop up - and in an urban environment there doesn't seem to be a weekend without one. From neighborhood block parties to celebrations of a community's history to simple street fairs filled with music and delicious, and sometimes adventurous, food choices - the opportunities for some much-needed outdoor activity are endless.

But as you're out indulging in the summer festivities, you’ll likely be enjoying anything and everything from frozen lemonade and funnel cake to jerk chicken and jambalaya.  While all tasty, take a moment to remember moderation.  There’s nothing wrong with sampling the many offerings, but you just may need to engage in a little more physical activity for your calorie intake to balance out.

And if you happen to be in Washington, D.C. this summer, you’ll likely come upon a street fair during your visit.  Just a few that may be worth checking out here in our backyard include:  Festa Italiana, Adams Morgan Day, H Street Festival and the National Capital Barbecue Battle.  Enjoy!