With temperatures climbing as we enter the summer months it is important to remember that we all need to stay hydrated. Our member companies make beverages that can help keep you hydrated and bottled water is an especially great option when enjoying everything that we love about the summer and sun. Beverage companies produce a variety of water that is both safe, convenient and great tasting.

Bottled water has been increasing in popularity for years now. The reasons for that are not surprising. Bottled water is easy to grab on the go and is available where and when you need it. These days there are more kinds of bottled water that ever before - spring water, purified water, mineral water, sparkling bottled water, well water and artesian water.

And beverage companies produce water in a responsible and environmentally friendly way. Check out this infographic that shows how the industry has reduced its water usage at our bottling facilities, which account for less than one percent of America’s total water usage.

And like all of our other packaging, bottled water bottles are 100 percent recyclable, even the caps!