We can't stress enough that a key to being healthy is incorporating physical activity into your regular daily routine.  Good news for all of us is that developing and maintaining an active lifestyle is becoming increasingly easier through advancements in technology.

We've seen an amazing advancement in mobile phone technology and design over the past several years.  Seemingly pocket-sized computers, these tiny devices can do everything from checking the weather to purchasing movie tickets - oh, and they can make calls (from almost anywhere!), too.  One of these high-tech phones, the now-ubiquitous iPhone, has an entire virtual store associated with it, devoted to providing users with applications (apps) that help them with various tasks.  This article from Macworld caught our attention, as it outlines five apps that help you keep track of your workout routines and other things.

So, as the beautiful summer days pull you outside for a run, bike or simply an early evening walk, be sure that you are drinking enough fluids and staying hydrated.  And when you're done, check in with us on Twitter and Facebook!