The year of 2010 has been an important one for the beverage industry, and for Sip & Savor in particular.  Like the postman - through sun, rain, sleet and snow, we’ve been bringing fresh topics to you each and every weekday of the year – and we couldn't be happier about it.

We're proud to have been able to share the many successes we've had this year.  With the full implementation of the School Beverage Guidelines, we have reduced beverage calories in schools by a dramatic 88 percent.  We also announced our Clear on Calories labeling initiative early in the year, and through the hard work of our member companies, we’re already delivering.

We’ve had our share of battles, too.  This year alone the industry faced discriminatory taxes on our products in 23 different states and cities across America.  In all but one, however, consumer’s voices were heard and the taxes failed.  Now is just not the time to be adding to the burden of hardworking families.  People can decide what to eat and drink without government help.

Sharing our triumphs and challenges with our readers means a lot to us.  So does connecting with you.  So if you have a thought or a comment to share, please drop it in the comment box below.  And then check in with us on Facebook and Twitter.

We’re excited to share even more with you in the coming year!