As governors and state lawmakers wrestle with fiscal crises and budget deadlines, it’s an important time to let them know your views.  The coming weeks and months are a crucial time for American families to stay alert and weigh in against new discriminatory taxes.

People don’t want government getting more involved in their lives—telling them what to eat and drink by taxing common grocery items.  Taxes don’t make kids healthier.  Education about diet and exercise does that, not government trying to do the job of parents.  These new taxes are a money grab, which will just lead to more government spending and higher taxes for Americans.

Hard-working families have been doing a good job holding their own in tough economic times, but they can’t afford higher grocery taxes.  Instead, government needs to trim its budget fat and leave family grocery budgets alone.

Fortunately, a number of governors and lawmakers agree; but the prudent course is to stay in touch and share your views.  So, as you start working on your 2010 tax returns, take a few extra moments and reach out to those whose decisions can impact family budgets.